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Join the Chorus at ACE’s Exciting Concert Showcase!

Sing with the Chorus in our Showcase Concert in the heart of Glasgow every November.

Experience the Joy of Singing Harmony at ACE Chorus Concerts

Artistic Concert Experiences (ACE) is the mixed singing ensemble, with choirs based in Glasgow (Wednesdays) and Inverkeithing (Thursdays). Embracing the joy of group singing, ACE offers a blend of musical theatre numbers with pop, rock anthems as well as popular standards. ACE Chorus is a non-audition singing group, with no requirement to read music.

Elevate your singing journey with our supportive community. We handle the harmonies and logistics so you can bask in the camaraderie and music. Culminating in a concert supported by a live band.

Already in a choir? Join ACE as your second singing adventure. If you enjoy singing in a mixed (Soprano, Alto, Baritone) ensemble, ACE is the place for you! ACE rehearses for 12 weeks between August and November, resulting in an exciting November concert!

Why Join ACE Chorus?

Captivating choir sessions with professional choir leaders and accompanists.

Sing an exciting eclectic mix of songs from musicals, rock anthems, pop music and popular standards from years gone by.

Perform Solo at ACE Concerts

Take centre stage with solo opportunities. Enjoy professional support to start your solo journey. Small groups also perform or become backing singers for soloists.

Fun Choir Rehearsals

Join vibrant rehearsals with other talented vocalists, culminating in a grand concert with a live band performance. Rehearsals start on Wednesday 21st August in Glasgow and Thursday 22nd in Inverkeithing.

Top Class Concert Venues

Perform in some of Glasgow’s best venues. Enjoy professional support of top-notch sound systems and a professional live band.

Be part of the next ACE Chorus Concert on Friday, 8th November 2024, in the New Auditorium at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. It’s going to be a night to remember!

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    ACE Chorus Clyde Auditorium 2019 – Chorus and Orchestra

Uplifting music, fantastic fun, professional coaching, exceptional performances.